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About Preston Palmer

Preston Palmer

While working on his private pilot license at the young age of fourteen, Preston Palmer started a business to earn the income that paid for his flight training: a computer services firm.  Later, while in high school, Preston took advanced courses so that upon graduation he had already completed his first two years of college.  He continued his studies at the University of Minnesota’s Carlton School of Business and then at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.  In 2004, he left college early, despite significant scholarships, to follow his entrepreneurial spirit.

Preston began investing in real estate, and also became an avid traveler.  Between 2001 and 2005 he traveled to 22 different third world countries to pursue his passion for photography.  Soon he started Brovado Media INC., a photography, marketing, and media firm that specializes in Minnesota Wedding Photography and videography.  Prior to forming Brovado Media INC in 2006, Preston had created a real estate net worth of over $2,700,000 by the age of 25.

Mr. Palmer now owns and operates a number of successful businesses in addition to Brovado Media INC, and flies his own airplanes around the country: To conduct various seminars and photo shoots; to offer personalized training in financial management, real estate investment, business ownership, property management, team leadership, and personal development; and also to consult with and advise other entrepreneurs and CEO’s.  He speaks at various universities, high schools and colleges throughout the year, inspiring young minds.  Each year during the winter, Preston spends 5 months on the beautiful island of Maui as he continues to grow his businesses as well as those around him.  His passion is to teach other people.  He knows that YOU can have everything you’ve ever dreamed.

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Minneapolis Wedding Photographer, Preston Palmer



I fell in love with photography when I took a simple point and shoot camera to Peru in 1999. After that trip, I knew my future would include photography in some way. I purchased better camera equipment and went to Africa in 2001. My experience there was life changing, and the images I brought back impressed everyone who saw them. I realized that I had a gift. The more I traveled overseas, the better I became at predicting interactions between people, and the faster I was at capturing those moments on film. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion as I traveled to some of the most dangerous and remote third world countries on earth. I learned to shoot quickly during times of economic conflict, and to build trust with indigenous tribal people, sometimes for months before revealing my camera to them, in order to capture their true essence on film.

I was forged as a photographer in desolate and dangerous places, and I even had the rare opportunity to learn from an esteemed National Geographic photographer and international photojournalist. I learned to document interactions that were unprompted, unscripted, and unrepeatable for all of time. Capturing a momentary glance between forbidden lovers, the mix of joy and sadness as a tribal chief watched his only daughter marry into a far off tribe… Stopping instances in time, and having the ability to share rare and beautiful human emotions with others during my travels to over 22 countries became the driving force and passion that launched me into full time wedding photography.

After shooting my first wedding in Minnesota, I realized that the skills I had developed overseas translated directly to the art of wedding photography. I knew I could offer a style and experience to my clients that is difficult to find in the wedding photography industry. So in 2006, Brovado Weddings was born.

Capturing who you are, with all your smiles and tears, and allowing those emotions to come naturally without making you pose is what makes my wedding photography, and your experience, so unique. On your wedding day your cheeks should hurt from laughing with your friends and family, not from faking a smile for your photographer. Our time together on the most wonderful day of your life will flow from one moment to the next, moving naturally, like a beautiful dance. Your wedding day will be full of special memories. I’m here to capture those touching, fleeting moments, those tears of happiness and joy, and give them back to you. My mission is to capture the essence of you, your family and guests, in such a way that the smallest details and the joyful emotions of the day will rush back to you, even when you open your wedding album to show your grandchildren. I want your legacy to live on in beautiful, timeless pieces of art, for you and your family — for all time.

It is my wish that you never let your future history go un-captured…

~Preston Palmer, Wedding Photographer and international photojournalist.

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MN Wedding Videography


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