Whether you’re a student, you’re working for someone else or you’re self-employed, you are an entrepreneur. It’s time you take matters into your own hands and live the life you want! As a public speaker, Preston delivers inspirational messages for anyone ready to take their lives from good to great. Focusing on the three basics of Health, Wealth and Wisdom, Preston delivers a motivational message tailored to you.


High Schools/Colleges

We are all constantly transitioning. This is most obvious, and probably quite a confusing time, for high school and college students about to take on the world for the first time. Preston shares his story of starting his own company at the age of 14 and continuing as an entrepreneurial success in an uplifting message, perfect for a graduation ceremony or other important events.

Preston has spoken to both high school and college students with a broad inspirational message tailored to anyone transitioning into their own big adventure. He has also led 3-day seminars, tailored to college students graduating in the photography field.

So whether you’re simply looking for a keynote speaker to deliver an encouraging message, or you’re looking for someone to give your photography students the tools they need to understand the professional photography business, Preston is the man for the job. He offers the motivation your students need to step confidently into their next stage of life.


Small/Large Businesses

Do your employees need some motivation? Is your team in need of an extra nudge of encouragement? We all want to know that we play a valuable role in the work we do. As a keynote speaker, Preston can take your team from tired to inspired!

Preston’s out-of-the-box style of thinking offers a new, fundamental way to see your company and how each and every employee fits into it. He will give your employees the confidence to bring their own creative ideas to the table.
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Preston’s ability to see the big picture can inspire your company to see it too, which allows everyone to gain an understanding of the importance of their work. Let your employees see how their individual efforts will take your company to where it needs to go, making for a win-win situation that gets more money in everyone’s pockets!


Photography Clubs

Photography clubs and groups connect photographers of all sorts and allow them to grow in their passion. A keynote speaker is a great way to bring a change of pace and introduce new concepts to your photography group!

Through his own successful wedding photography business, Preston has learned valuable lessons and tricks of the trade, which have allowed him to create not only powerful images, but also positively memorable experiences for his clients. Preston’s award-winning shots have been featured in several popular bridal magazines and he has become well known in the Minnesota wedding photography field for his hands-on approach with clients.

From setting up scenarios and lighting situations to getting better acquainted with your camera’s settings and your clients, Preston has the knowledge and experience it takes to advance photographers of all skill levels.

Visit the Brovado Education website for information about Preston’s photography workshops!

If you are interested in learning some tricks of the trade one-on-one with Preston, visit the Photography Apprenticeship page!