Whether you’re a large or small-business owner, or anyone wanting to hone in on your own potential greatness, Preston’s business and financial workshops are perfect for you! He offers seminars and courses, tailored to your needs and packed with useful information that can get you and your business on the right path!


Be the 1%


This intense, information-packed event is designed to empower you with ancient, time-tested strategies practiced by some of the most financially successful men and women in our society. These lessons and ideas come from The Book of Wealth, a coveted series that inspired Preston to reach his own financial success.

During this financial seminar, you will learn how to become a part of the wealthy top 1% of society. Being in the 1% is about more than the money; it’s a way of thinking and dramatically improving your life in all aspects.

In the Be the 1% financial seminar, Preston will teach you to:
• Learn the 7 secrets that plump up your wallet
• Fix your debt FAST and start building wealth
• Explore the psychology of the wealth-minded
• Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit
• Learn how to create wealth in uncertain economic times
• Determine what truly drives you and your business
• Learn to get paid handsomely for what you love to do
• Clearly define and sharpen your business statement
• Initiate forced and accelerated savings of profits
• Learn advanced tax strategies for huge savings
• Learn how to maintain emotional stability in your financial and business life
• Overcome fears and distractions regardless of your circumstances

It’s time to unlock the future you have always desired! You owe it to yourself to invest in a seminar that will give you and your business the financial results you have always dreamed of. So what are you waiting for??

Small Business Tax Course


One of the most common tax myths today is “My accountant takes care of my taxes and gets all the deductions for me.” Now this is true… to an extent. But it’s like saying your dentist takes care of your teeth, when it’s really up to you to keep up on the brushing and flossing. You and only you are responsible for your day-to-day choices in creating and maintaining a happy life and a happy business.

It can be difficult to keep up with constantly changing tax laws and to know the best way to keep your financials running smoothly. In this informational tax course, Preston shares how he has structured several successful businesses over the years to manage cash flow and save significant time and money all the while.

This course can be taught as one-on-one consultation or to small groups as a way to introduce the most effective tax strategies, or to simply offer a second opinion to see if you’re headed in the right direction. This course discusses tax strategies in layman’s terms so you can keep more hard-earned dollars in your pocket. Whether you already have a good handle on taxes, or you’re far from it, consider this to be your “tax check-up.” It’s just like visiting your dentist to see if you have any cavities or to fix that achy tooth… the goal is to take care of and maintain a healthy relationship with your taxes.

This course covers topics like:
• QuickBooks Setup and Chart of Accounts
• Business entities and what’s best for you (Sole proprietor, partnerships, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.)
• Managing cash flow
• Paying yourself
• Sales tax
• Use tax
• Equipment rental
• Depreciation … and more!
It’s time to take control of that scary “T” word and learn how to change a financial struggle into a soaring success! Manage your business and your cash flow, and learn how to get your money back! You owe it to yourself!