Financial Seminar

Secrets of Business and Financial Success

Realizing your potential in your business and personal life


The top one percent in our society control 42% of America’s wealth.

How did they get there? Learn what they did, and how to adopt the 1% mentality. Learn to…




In these seemingly uncertain economic times, Preston Palmer will share with you the secrets of finances that people and organizations use to stay at the front of the pack. It doesn’t matter if you are a starving artist, stay at home Mom, or a multimillionaire. These strategies will take you from where you are to where you want to go. You will learn how to become one of society’s top 1% in wealth, and the top 1% in what you love to do. Being the 1% is about more than the money. It’s a way of thinking, and it’s a way to dramatically improve your life in all areas.

  • Learn the 7 secrets that plump up your wallet
  • Fix your debt FAST and start building wealth
  • Explore the psychology of the wealth-minded
  • Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit
  • Learn how to create wealth in uncertain economic times
  • Determine what truly drives you and your business
  • Learn to get paid handsomely for what you love to do
  • Clearly define and sharpen your business statement
  • Initiate forced and accelerated savings of profits
  • Learn advanced tax strategies for huge savings
  • Learn how to maintain emotional stability in your financial and business life
  • Overcome fears and distractions regardless of your circumstances

Preston Palmer can give you the tools you can immediately use to unlock the future you have always desired. You owe it to yourself to invest an afternoon into your future. It’s time to get the business and financial results you have always dreamed.

Many of the wealth building principals you will learn in the BE THE 1% seminar come directly from one of the most rare and coveted books of all time. THE BOOK OF WEALTH! See what Preston has to say about the BE THE 1% seminar and THE BOOK OF WEALTH in this short video.

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Join Preston Palmer for an intense and information-packed evening designed to empower you with ancient and time-tested wealth building strategies that are practiced by the wealthiest and most affluent men and women in our society. Learn the powerful financial strategies that separate those who flourish from those who stagnate and fail. Do you have financial limitations you just can’t overcome? Join us and launch your business and assets to the next level.